Schauls Reunion06

We have decided to put together a “Schauls Family History” book "Magner Family History" book. This book could amount to some 250 or more pages including pictures. We would like to include a photo CD slide show and a bootable CD of the Schauls Family History.

We have many stories and pictures of many of the Schauls and Magner families. Please review family information and return it to us by March 1st.

Or use Family Group Sheet and I remember posted on our website for you to use to submit your information and family updates.

Please include any pictures, a little family story of your life journey and/or your parents a couple pages would be good, similar to the what we have on the front page of our website.

Any information on great grand parents would be great also. Obituaries usually contain good information and are helpful.

We can use any wedding pictures, family pictures, stories on special accomplishments, armed services activities during armed conflicts from the world war to our current war in Iraq.

Possibly the easiest way for me to contact you when the book is ready is by email. I will email monthly updates on our progress. Once we have the book ready to print you will be contacted and let you the cost and a deadline to place your order.

I will also post a notice on our website along with a printable order form for you to use. Contact us by email or phone 319-232-8645, or US mail.